21/365 Creatures at Work

I walked into my lab this morning and saw this insect on the window. Fortunately it was on the outside, not the inside.  This arrived about a month ago.  They give me new appreciation for the plagues of locust I’ve read about.  Can’t imagine having these everywhere including on me.  

This poor one has a hurt leg.  Not sure what will happen to it. Maybe since it has 5 others that are working it will be fine.  Maybe it is getting ready to shed. They have exoskeletons so occasionally I will find one abandoned by the insect. 


I love the resident cat.  The custodians feed her and her sons, although I haven’t seen the sons in a while so maybe they have new homes.  She is usually near the custodian office, often lounging beneath the playground equipment on the grade 4 playground.  The best was the day that she was lounging right where I took this photo. Next to her was her food dish, and next to that was two myna birds, not more than 1.5 feet from her.  Her body language said, “Whatever.”  

She is equally as unconcerned when the area is full of students, which does my heart good. It tells me the children are kind to her.



This photo angle is just a bit off. I wanted you to see her funky tail. Many Malaysian cats have incomplete tails that end in a tuft.  Hers is longer than most of theirs but it is shorter than most cats you see in the US and it does end in a tuft.




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