20/365 Walk Home – Part 2

I just love this stretch of our walk.  The plants on the left were put in last spring when new renters requested major renovations before moving in. Plants grow so quickly now that they are already starting to arch over the sidewalk.

The bougainvillea on the right have been there as long as we’ve lived here, but they are doing especially well right now.


Two new building started going up last spring about a block away from the condo.  The closest one is a new low-rise condo development.  Behind it are new HDB flats. 


I should get extra credit for this shot. I had to push the iphone through a gap in the fence and shoot with out being able to see the view finder and press the dumb tiny shutter button on the iphone.  (Yes, I have a replacement camera app that allows you to click anywhere to release the shutter, but I forgot I had it.)  In any case, this patient creature lives as the Montessori daycare we pass on the way to work.  Only toddlers and preschoolers attend which I think would make for a rough life for a bunny who runs free in the yard, but it always looks this calm. Maybe that is because it is exhausted or because it has all that long fur in this hot climate.  I saw a different bunny one day while running the perimeter road of our condos. It was white short hair and quite tame, sitting beneath a car in the carpark.  I figured it must be a pet that someone was missing, but with two cats at home I figured it was better off where it was.  And since their is plenty of grass to nibble, I figured it would be fine if it could avoid the many condo cats.



Pretty good cloud photo for an iphone. 


And now my favorite time of the year in Singapore, Chinese New Year.  The decorations started going up around town this week.  This is the guard house at our condo.




And here is Ms. Kapas in one of her favorite evening spots which is in our book shelf.




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