16/365 Web Design

Up until now, my students pages have looked like the center of the screen below.  Single color background, using tags to bold, center, create headings.  Using paragraph tags.  Now we take it up a notch for those willing to put in the work. We visit www.ipetz.com to find backgrounds and then use the poor hack’s method of using tables to format the page.  Any web designers out there are now groaning, but this isn’t a web design course.  I teach basic html coding to teach kids to think and troubleshoot, and to help them start wondering about what is behind all the web sites they visit.  Yes, CSS  and databases are behind most of them, but if you view the source you can still pull out many of the tags they have learned.

And in case you are wondering, the kids usually ooh and ahhh when I open my index page with the background picture.  




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