12/365 A Fishy Problem

My lovely fish tank that Eric created for me needs help.  Every time I leave on holiday it suffers.  This summer, the algae took off, coating all the moss.  I haven’t found a way to remove it that doesn’t pull out the moss as well.  And now the walls are coated in green slime that won’t scrub off.  We will consider these before pictures.  Hopefully there will be an after picture that is much better some day.  

My iphone had trouble with the moving targets and the low light.  This is the best I could adjust them.


This shot lets you see why they are called NEON tetras.



And this shot really lets you see the slime on the walls and moss.



 And here is one of the homes we pass on our walk home.  See the cat?  I almost walked right by her.




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