January 8: Cleaning in the Kitchen

I’ve been productive this morning so I thought I would take tphotos of mundane tasks. I didn’t see any way to make them great photos, but I realized I haven’t photographed most of this condo, so this is fitting.

First I washed all the dishes. I even cleaned out the fridge so I washed the dishes from old leftovers, ancient cheese, expired cat meds, etc.


Next I changed the litter in the litter boxes and put down fresh newspapers in case Kapas decides to think outside the box. 


There is a load in the dryer, a load in the wash, and the washer isn’t leaking at the moment. It leaked on the previous load. I didn’t find that new development to be amusing.


I rinsed out our snorkel gear.  My new mask worked great! I think it is one of only two masks that I have worn that didn’t leak.  It was a real treat.  My other mask did leak when Kent wore it.  He had to keep surfacing and letting the water out.  Not the end of the world, but it is a bother.  


One more look at those clean dishes since it is such a fleeting state.


I even put out a clean towel.  Now time to workout and then plan meals, grocery shop, and work on taxes.   


Mundanely Yours,


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