Jan. 7: Pretty Things

This is the knitting project that nearly did me in.  I frogged it at least 5 times.  At first I kept mucking up the beginning. Then I kept getting stuck around row 21.  I tried but could not drop down and fix mistakes, so I had to keep frogging.

Then on December 30, I cast on again.  I spent most of my flight from Minnesota to Singapore knitting it. That covers December 31 and January 1.  This time I was able to knit it with only a few set backs. 


I am pleased with how it turned out. This wool and silk yarn isn’t as soft around my neck as I had hoped it would be, and the color is dark enough that it obscures the pattern a bit, but it is still a good effort.

While on Tioman I cast on another one in a lighter color with a softer yarn. It is a 4-ply alpaca and silk blend called Buckingham from the Bristol Yarn Gallery. I purchased it at The Sheepy Wool Shoppe in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. 

Except for challenges with the join spot, it is going well. At first I was worried the needles were too large but now it is looking fine.  The  yarn is very soft.  I hope it knits up quickly and well. 





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