Forced Reflection

I know from previous experiences that reflecting on a regular basis leads to a higher quality of life. Therefore, I am annoyed that I don’t do it regularly. I have tried different ways, but each has failed for different reasons. Fortunately, I can learn from those failures, so I am going to do the following.

1. Take photos every day. There will be days that doesn’t happen, but I will try. I am not a skilled photographer and that is fine. No one needs to appreciate the photos besides me. I do hope I will be able to celebrate what is right rather than focus on what is wrong.

2. Upload them at least once per week. This won’t happen when I am traveling. That is fine. I might write reflections on them, or explanations, but this is a public space, so there are times written reflection won’t be appropriate.

That public space bit is a but scary. Part of me thinks this won’t work because I must censor myself. If that proves to be a problem, I just switch to a different format or change the purpose of the blog. Easy.

I’ve already been taking photos. Wish me luck!


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