29/365 The Addition of Plants

This afternoon  ate a working lunch so that I could make a quick dash to the fish store on my scooter.  I purchased plants.  The tank looks better and the fish like swimming among them.  I also moved the tank so I can see it easily while I work.




27/365 Fish and Tweets

My tank is back.  I am pleased to have it clean. To have a new bottom since it turns out the old soy gravel was probably what was killing some of the fish.  Now in this new tank, the filter has killed quite a few. They get stuck to the outside of it despite the filter being as slow as I can set it.  I will go buy plants to surround it. Hopefully that will solve the problem.


Today Medved’s class was finally ready to visit blogs and leave comments. We’ve been practicing for a few class sessions.  One of the classes we visited today is my favorite.  It has great commenting guidelines, a great focus on growth, high standards.  The teacher of those students sent me the following tweet after we left our comments.



27/365 From My Perspective

One of the challenges of taking pictures with my iPhone is that either I use the built-in app which has a small shutter release button, or I use my Gorilla Cam app which allows you to press anywhere to take a photo.  As a result, I either miss photos due to missing the button, or I get all sorts of photos I don’t mean to take. This photo is one of the latter, but I like it.  Can you tell what it is?  


I will give you a clue, I was riding my scooter.


26/365 A Dragon and Scenery

Our intermediate school Chinese department decorates extravagantly for the new year.


Walking out from our condo, this is the balcony below ours.  See the spiffy paint job on the condos?  The management has the company back every week doing touch ups. It is crazy but the buildings look nice.



Here is the view of the condos across from us. There are often lovely cloud formations there.


These plants are near our gate out of the condo complex. I love how quickly plants grown here.




25/365 Cherry Blossoms

Monday after school we offered the first of three optional tech workshops.  To accommodate the after-school classes for children, I taught my workshop down in the primary computer lab.  On the way back I passed this lovely bulletin board outside a Chinese language classroom


Besides the blossoms there are the 12 characters of the Chinese zodiak.



24/365 A New Book Series and Food


Both Heather and my mom were reading this series so I gave it at try and enjoyed it immensely.  Set in 1929, it is historical fiction, a mystery whose characters are still making sense of the effect WWI on their lives.



The hawker stalls across the street closed and the reopened a few days later with a splash of new paint and  a new owner.  Unfortunately, Botak Jones was gone and only a few stalls were filled.  Then last weekend, another stall opened.  It is Japanese food!  Haven’t tried it yet. I hope it is good since we’d love another restaurant within walking distance.



Chinese New Year approaches so the grocery store is filling with holiday treats. 

23/365 The Pleasures of a West-Facing Balcony in the Afternoon

Yeah, I know. This photo blog should be called All Cats All the Time.  However, I really wanted to captures these two shots.

The first shows Batu’s  favorite place to nap in the afternoon. Our balcony faces left and it has an overhang, but by late afternoon, the sun has warmed it.  She used to sleep in the full sun which worried me since she is white with pink skin. I’ve read that makes her more susceptible to skin cancer.  Now that I have big potted palms out there, she sleeps beneath them while she leans against the wall.  I’ve tried and tried to get a photo of her but she always wakes up when I go out with the camera. Today, Kapas was with her.  Kapas woke up but stayed put long enough for me to snap this shot. I would have liked better composition, but this was an acceptable compromise.


Later in the afternoon, I walked into the living room and saw this.  Just looking at it makes me want to take an afternoon nap.