Frogs, FOs and Yarn

I just returned from a quick trip to the US.  On the long flight there, I ran out of yarn at the start of the 13 hour flight!  The skein looked so full but it was deceiving me.  As a result, I was left with 2 rows to complete on my shawl.  Fortunately, BeYaGi had another skein from the same dye lot.  Now all I need to do is wash and block it. I’ll be glad of my blocking wires on this one.

Sumac Leaf Shawl

I learned a bunch doing this shawl. It is a great first shawl project. Now maybe I am ready to tackle a lace weight shawl in my Zephyr wool/silk laceweight yarn. I have it in many colors but haven’t knit anything out of it.

Lacy Ribbed Socks

I made progress on my first pair of toe up socks.  I stopped working on them because I hadn’t brought the pattern with me and I will soon need to start the gusset. Louise says she tells her students to start the gusset when they are even with the ankle bone.  That is helpful because it says to knit to 3 inches from end of foot, but that wasn’t looking correct.

I started a baby blanket. It was a nice pattern I found online.  I’m not certain about the  yarn. It is hand washable.  Not sure I want to give a baby something that has to be hand washed, especially since I’m not knitting an heirloom pattern.  However, I think the color will look good since it would look good on either of her parents.

On my flight home, I frogged it.  The pattern wasn’t right for the needle size. Since that was the only needle I had with me, I switched patterns so I’d have something to work on during the long flights back to Singapore.  I am now knitting a free pattern from Lion Brand. It is the Baby Love Diagonal Baby Blanket.  Basically, it is a giant dish cloth.

Baby Love Diagonal Baby Blanket

I am pleased so far, but wish my gauge were more even since cotton isn’t nearly as forgiving about that as wool is.  Had to rip back about 15 rows to fix mistakes. I kept falling asleep and as I’d doze off, I’d split a stitch or make the gauge wonky.

While I was home, I was finally able to see the lovely Dream in Color yarn I had ordered through DNBY.  They sell discontinued yarns at good prices. This is Dream in Colors Stardust line. It was an experiment on their part to make a yarn with a bit of sparkle.  In the correct light you can see the sparkles. Otherwise you can’t which is why this experimental yarn was discontinued before making it into stores.  Except for the black one, all of these yarns look lighter in the photos than in real life. Without the flash they didn’t look like anything and with the flash the colors are too light.  Oh well.

Coal Dust.
Dream in Color Experimentals Stardust

Dream in Color Experimentals Stardust

Dream in Color Experimentals Stardust

Midnight Madness
Dream in Color Experimentals Stardust

I picked up three skeins of Cascade Fixation to make baby booties.
Cascade Fixation Cascade Fixation Cascade Fixation

I also scored this lovely yarn. I think it is Pagewood Farm Denali Hand Dyed in the Mardi Gras colorway.  Adrienne had purchased it for herself and decided she wouldn’t use it.
Pagewood Farms?

Even though it was after 12:30 am when I reached home, the furkids were there to greet me.  Here is Kapas doing a happy dance and rubbing against my backpack.