Toe Up

Last night I broke the Panda Silk out of stash and started my first pair of toe up socks.


First I need to learn Judy’s Magic Cast-On.  I watched the Cat Bordhi’s  video on YouTube to learn how. Soon there was a big needle bird flapping across my lap and biting the vine. Then their was a strange tick-tock clock helping me remember the sequence for wrapping the stitches. (Watch the video and all will be explained.)

I wanted to knit the socks in Magic Loop style, but I figured for my first attempt at the cast on I should at least start the socks separately.  From my first attempt, this cast on worked well.  However, then I couldn’t quite figure out how to get both socks onto the one long needle, so I frogged and started again on the magic loop needle.  That went well and moved along quickly until I realized that I had only cast on 8 stitches per sock instead of 16.  It looked like I was knitting little toy bear ears.  I frogged and started again.

The next attempt was fraught with cat interruptions. Miss Kapas decided she really needed to be pet a whole bunch right then.  I must have picked the socks up backwards because soon I  had a purl row on both sides of the sock.  I frogged again.

My next attempt was good but now it was late at night.  This morning I went back to work on them and finished the toes.  I have to say it is much nicer to cast on 16 stitches per sock instead of the usual 64.  And the magic cast on looks nicer than my Kitchener stitch usually does even though they should look the same.

Next time I knit, I’ll start the pattern. It is the Ribbed Lace sock from Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy D. Johnson. I chose it for a number of reasons.

  1. It is written as a toe up pattern.
  2. It has a regular toe, not a short row one.
  3. It has a heel flap.
  4. It has a flap and gusset in the “correct” place. Some toe up socks have it in a place that doesn’t seem as comfortable.
  5. It makes a very stretchy fabric to compensate for the lack of memory in the Panda Silk yarn.

I figured that for my first toe up attempt, I wanted a pattern that had it all written out.  I know it isn’t difficult to substitute a different type of toe or heel, but I wanted my first attempt to be one where I can follow along without making any changes.

I’m knitting the socks on 40″ size #00 needles.  The yarn is quite fine for fingering weight.

Have you knit with Panda Silk?  How did it hold up?  If you made socks, did they stay up?


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