Gratuitous Pictures of Stash

Long time without an update and not much to report.  I finished my mother’s diagonal rib socks in the gorgeous Smooshy yarn. I finished them the day before I left Minnesota to return to Singapore.  I’ll try to get a photo of them when I am home for Christmas.

I frogged my Vog On socks. I like them but the pattern was lost in the dark, busy yarn so I’ll save that pattern for a different yarn.

I have one more pattern repeat and then the easy edge on my Sumac Leaf Shawl.  I won’t repost it since it looks remarkably a lot like it did before, only bigger.

My Monkey socks are slowly growing. Not much time to knit these first weeks of school.  I’ve done most of it while waiting at the vet with a sick cat who is happily feeling better now.

Since I haven’t WIP or FO photos for you, I’ll show you some of my new stash instead.


How about this Heritage Hand Painted from Cascade?


This one is new to me. It is Soxx Appeal from Knit One Crochet Too. It is a cotton/elastic blend.  It should be comfortable here in Singapore.


Here is my first Panda Silk. I’ve heard from Louisecat that it doesn’t have much memory so I’ll need to knit it into a ribbed pattern.


Louisecat also told me she likes how this yarn knits up into socks. I, of course, loved the blues and greens.


I’m missing some of this. I should have two balls of it so I can hold it double. I’m hoping for a sport weight since it is such a terribly thin fingering weight. It feels like it will make a nice fabric. It has bamboo in it.


And finally, Smooshy. It’s the In Vino Veritas colorway.


There. I hope you enjoyed that bit of stash diving.
What’s new in your stash?


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