Speedier Socks

During the Ides of May I finshed two socks.  The first pair was Kent’s Kyoto socks.  I knit them quickly to see if I liked the  yarn. He’s only worn them once so I think they were not a success.  His garter rib socks done in Chameleon Colorworks’ Bambino yarn seem to be his favorite.   No finished photo yet.

Kent's Kyoto Socks

The other pair is my Northshore Socks done in Regia using the Groovy Stripes pattern.  They are too big in the foot. I now understand that is because I picked up too many gusset stitches.  This is a good take along pattern because it is a two row repeat, and one of those two is stockinette.  I still managed to muck it up often, but really should not have done so.

Groovy Stripe Socks

I cast off the Northshore socks one night and cast on these Lacy Mock Cables the next night. I’m calling them my Purple Kosong socks since they look like lots of zeroes. Could also be hugs and kisses. It is my first time using the Cherry Tree Hill yarn that I stashed.  Very soft. It is the first all wool sock  yarn I’ve used. I hope it hold up well.

Purple Kosong Socs


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