Progress Report

Pretty Comfy - continued

I am in love with my Pretty Comfy socks.  I’ve finished the gusset decreases .  I am worried they are going to be a bit small.  Given that this Fixation yarn has cotton and elastic in it, I don’t think they will be blockable.  They will progress faster if I can figure out where I’ve set the pattern. It’s around here somewhere.

Kent's Kyoto Socks

I am making good progress on this pair for Kent. They are my first attempt at Magic Loop and I’m liking that technique. Less time spent repositioning and no loose needle flopping around. I’m knitting two-at-a-time. The color is perfect for Kent. Jury is still out on this Knit Picks Risata yarn. It is splitty and likes to unwind. However, it feels like the final fabric will be quite cool to wear. The pattern is just made up. I’m using the rounder heel turn I found online and am very pleased. It looks like Kent’s heel.

North Woods Socks

I’ve turn the heel and picked up the gusset stitches on my Groovy Stripe socks.  I think of them as my North Shore socks because the colors make me think of the area long the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. I am realizing I like the stripes best when viewed upside down, but that isn’t a problem since when I’m wearing them and look down, that is how they will be.

The Regia yarn is very splitty, but I am liking the fabric very much. The pattern is an easy two row repeat, but I still keep mucking it up anyhow. Feeling very proud of myself that I was able to fix a major error. I didn’t want to tink because I was a few rows past picking up the gusset stitches. It would be messy to tink back.

Instead, I ripped out those stitches and after two hours, I finally had it all right. And I learned a bunch. This is the first time I’ve successfully ripped back and reknit lace. Very satisfying.

I decreased two stitches before starting the heel flap because on my Smooshy Garter Rib socks, the heel flap has too much fabric. When I put my foot into a shoe, the extra fabric is problematic.

My Smooshy Garter Rib Socks

The Smooshy Garter Ribs have other problems as well. I knit the soles in ribbing to make it thicker and more comfortable. That didn’t work so well. The ribbing s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s. As a result, the socks are big, and the sole is not that comfortable to walk on. Fortunately, the color is so delicious that I don’t care. Wearing them makes me smile.

I love, love, love this yarn.

And sometimes when you try to photograph a sock, you get a cat instead.


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