Update on Blue Projects

Before I went to New Zealand in December I cast on a pair of socks but then ended up knitting other projects so I’m finally getting to these now.

The yarn was a birthday gift from my sister. It is a Regia wool yarn. The colorway was designed by Kaffe Fasset. I was of two minds about it before this project. I liked all the colors but one, but I was thinking it would make rather bold socks. I wasn’t sure I wanted bold socks.


I decided I did not want to knit them plain, but I figured most patterns would be obscured by the stripes.  I spent a long time on Ravelry trying to find the right pattern. I considered many different patterns from Jaywalker to Ann Budd’s chevron pattern, to Charlene Schurch’s chevron pattern, to someone else’s chevron. However, so many of those patterns had two strikes again them for me. First, they required some form of knitting three stitches together. That would be a challenge since I tend to knit tight. (How can I have a loose gauge and knit tightly? That mystifies me.) Second, chevron patterns tend to have very little stretch; many knitters on Ravelry complained that they couldn’t get the socks over their heels.

Therefore, I was delighted to find the Groovy Socks pattern by Sock Pixie. It is a more subtle than many of the chevron patterns and it is more stretchy.  It is only a two row repeat, with one row being stockinette, so I hoped  I could travel with it as long as I used stitch markers.

It is a top down pattern and I am halfway down the leg.  Although I keep making mistakes, the pattern is easy and fun.  Like so many lace patterns, it seems to race along.  To my delight, the waves produced by the pattern are giving the stripes  a watercolored or Impressionistic affect.  It is soft and rich.  I am enchanted.  And it is a lace pattern that looks even better on than off; I often find that patterns I like on the needle don’t look as nice on the foot. (I’ll post a more current photo when I get home. This early shot doesn’t show the effects.)

Groovy Socks in Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett

To add to my delight, I’ve been able to knit much more this week than usual.  On Wednesday I was at a meeting all day and it wasn’t my turn to take minutes.  It was a discussion-type of meeting and knitting during it helped me keep focused.  I was an active participant throughout.  Thursday afternoon I flew out to Ho Chi Minh City for a two day workshop, so I was able to do lots of travel knitting.  Then today (and hopefully tomorrow) I was able to knit during the lecture portions of the workshop. Sunday, I will travel knit myself home.

On other fronts, I knit three premmie caps. I’m trying to find a local premmie ward that will take them.


I am working down the foot on my Pretty Comfy socks. They are still a very fun knit.

Pretty Comfy in Fixation

Pretty Comfy in Fixation

Life is Good.