What I Should Do…

What I need to do over the next four days…

  • figure income taxes
  • complete re-licensure forms 
  • go to bank to fix online access problem
  • set up budget in Quicken at work
  • move back into my office
  • finish lesson plans for next week

 What I want to do…

  • finish my Fixation on Stripes socks 
  • cast on Snowdrop Lace Scarf
  • go to a knit out up in Woodlands
  • cast on new socks

I was going to knit Fixation on Lace socks (ravelry link) but looking at the finished projects in Ravelry, I find I like the striped ones but not the solid colored ones.  I wasn’t going to start other socks until my long KnitPicks needles arrived so I could try magic loop instead of two circs at a time, but I don’t think I’m going to delay gratification any long. I may cast on using the Regia yarn my sister sent me for my birthday.  Maybe it is time to learn how to do that magic cast-on for toe up socks.


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