Etsy Purchases and A Chance to Bet

All three of the bags I bought through Etsy have arrived. They are just right. The first to arrive were my It Isn’t Easy Being Green and my Chocolate Raspberry sock bags from the TipsyKnitter. They are just the right size for a pair of socks. The bags are well-made and the lovely. I’m enjoying them. And I am working on projects that go well with the colors of the bags, which is an added benefit.

green_bag.jpg chocolate_bag.jpg

A few days later, my bag arrived from White Willow. It is a big bigger and has a handy hook on the side that allows me the clip it to myself when I am knitting while standing on the train. This bag should be big enough for my two-at-a-time projects early on when I have two balls of yarn.

A lovely watercolor painting arrived from Richard Derwitch’s Etsy store. I smile every time I look at it. He has captured that boneless sweetness of a napping cat. I have it on my desk at work and it makes me peaceful.


Finally, the week ended with a KO at a Starbucks down on Orchard. Adrianne and Lois lugged all the purchases from our KnitPicks Spree and so I now have 2 hanks of lovely Shimmer yarn. Some day they will be a stole, but for now, I’m happy to look at them, and fondle them.

At long last, I am on the toes of the brown pair of Garter Rib socks. Now the question is, will I run out of yarn before I run out of sock? Here’s a photo… place your bets!



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