2 Steps Forward, 20 Steps Back

Knitting life is bad this week. All projects continue to get shorter.  Is it possible to knit into the negative? Can I unknit past zero?  I think I can…

The Smooshy yarn I’m using for the Forest Canopy Shawl was not amused when I frogged the shawl last week, and now I may need to frog it again. I may have hit the point of no reknitting with the yarn.

I accidentally dropped some stitches off the needle and they evaporated. “No worries,” I thought, “I have a lifeline.”  However, when I slipped my needle along the lifeline, I didn’t end up with the correct number of stitches and I couldn’t tell where I went wrong.  I tried just adding a stitch where I needed it, but it isn’t looking right. I think I need to frog back to the previous lifeline.  Or maybe I need to frog all the way back because I think I might need a larger needle.

These are not happy thoughts. Please send chocolate.  Dark chocolate.


2 thoughts on “2 Steps Forward, 20 Steps Back

  1. Ok so if you rip it out completely try this to bring it back to life. Wind it back into a hank. tie it in 6 to 8 places. Wash gently with some sort of wool wash or Johnson and Johnson baby wash with lavender and chammomile. then rinse lightly and roll in a towel for an hour or so, then hang one end of the hank over some sort of hanger or knob or hook and let dry. Rewind to a ball and it might come back to life.

    Sorry to hear it is a tough week.


  2. oh dear I would have thought the lifelines would help. But previous experiences (ahem) have told me that I should really knit happy thoughts into my knitting. Sometimes I get frustrated and tinking back or dropping stitches in order to correct the mistakes make things worse. And I frog to the lifeline only to realize that I missed a stitch with the line. Recently, whenever these things happen, i just SIGH really loudly, take a deep breath, and think about what I want to do. And whatever I’ve decided, I try not to blame the pattern, the yarn, the needles or how silly I had been, and it gets much better. 🙂 So I hope in the process of washing the yarn, and starting over, everything would turn out fine.

    [Louise: I wish i saw that earlier. I have louet which I’m working with now. And initially I restarted the project with the yarn so many times that it seems like it’s pilling. 😦 but it’s enjoying its new life (i hope) as baroque now.]

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