Photos of WIPs

It was a sunny afternoon so I took a few photos of my WIPs.

First the Garter Rib socks for Kent that are patiently waiting for toes.


Then the Garter Rib socks #2 which I tinked back 1.5 inches to fix a few weird stitches that refused to be right when I tried to drop down to them. I have 3-4 inches to go on these.


Here are my Fixation on Stripes socks that are my easy traveling project. Even these were much longer in Vietnam, but I had to tink them. I’m trying to learn to knit without looking and I’m not always successful at doing that or catching the mistakes in a timely fashion. Thankfully, this yarn is SUPER easy to slip the needle through so I was able to just pick up a row before the mistakes rather than unknit the entire distance.


Finally, my Forest Canopy Shawl in Dream in Color Smooshy of the Ruby River colorway. As I mentioned earlier, I completely frogged this and am already back to this size. It is going MUCH better, actually looks like the other FCS projects in Ravelry. I’m still amazed that people are knitting this in around 7 hours. I’m not yet that quick. Ignore the lifelines. I know I could take them out, but they provide added comfort so they are staying put for a bit.


Of course, my first attempts at photos were graced by Miss Kapas herself. She even made a few comments.

DSC01918.JPG DSC01915.JPG DSC01916.JPG


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