You Know You Haven’t Blogged in Too Long When…

…you have to Google your own blog title to FIND it. Is that an all-time low or what?
No photos today, just a quickie update.

Ravelry is evil. I have a precious day of vacation in which I had much planned and instead I just spent 3.5 hours wandering around in Ravelry looking at shawls and stoles and socks and yarns and… I have plenty of projects on my needles. My current shawl is no where near done, but there you have it. And it was darn fun too!

My forest canopy shawl mostly waits patiently in its bag, but for the past few days it has been calling me. I took the advice in the pattern and wrote each line on a separate index card. I highlighted key parts to make it easier to see. Now I’m not loosing my place and it is going much better. I’m on the 8th repeat. The Smooshy Ruby River yarn is lovely. I usually prefer shawls to be a solid color, but this yarn is so nice that I’m loving the project.

Dashed over to the Woodlands Knitout held in LOUISE’S honor. It was such a treat having her in Singapore and staying at my place. I was the world’s worst host because I was working on report cards and had social engagements I needed to keep, but I sat by her at the wedding and had a lovely chili crab lunch with her and Bob. At the knit out I ripped out the toes to Kent’s garter ribbed socks because they are too short. This is the project that never ends because I had to keep stopping it when we were apart because I couldn’t try it on him.

Since there were big chunks of time I couldn’t knit those socks, I cast on a second pair in the same pattern using Plymouth Yarn Rockin Sox. It is 60% superwash wool, 25% bamboo, 15% nylon. I’ve already turned the heel, picked up the gusset stitches (my best try yet) and have finished the decreases. Am zooming down the foot towards the toe. This might be done before the first pair. I think they are a bit warmer than the bambino pair, but still much cooler than most sock yarns. It is nicer to work with than the bambino, but I like the finished fabric of the bambino a bit better.

Plymouth Rockin' Sox

Of course, the highlight of the month was Lois’ wedding. She was stunningly lovely, the food was superb, and we were able to knit at the table. Who could ask for anything more

Okay, time to get something besides knitting/computer stuff done.


2 thoughts on “You Know You Haven’t Blogged in Too Long When…

  1. Thanks for having me it was a great time!

    Your blogging made me realize how long it has been for mine, so off to blog before homework.

    We need to teach you a new heel so you don’t have to pick up stitches.


  2. nice to have you back!! Sure hope to see you a lot more. You’ve been so busy since summer and we all missed you! 🙂

    PS: I wanna learn that heel too! Hate picking up the stitches and then realizing they turn out ugly :S

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