Etsy Purchases and A Chance to Bet

All three of the bags I bought through Etsy have arrived. They are just right. The first to arrive were my It Isn’t Easy Being Green and my Chocolate Raspberry sock bags from the TipsyKnitter. They are just the right size for a pair of socks. The bags are well-made and the lovely. I’m enjoying them. And I am working on projects that go well with the colors of the bags, which is an added benefit.

green_bag.jpg chocolate_bag.jpg

A few days later, my bag arrived from White Willow. It is a big bigger and has a handy hook on the side that allows me the clip it to myself when I am knitting while standing on the train. This bag should be big enough for my two-at-a-time projects early on when I have two balls of yarn.

A lovely watercolor painting arrived from Richard Derwitch’s Etsy store. I smile every time I look at it. He has captured that boneless sweetness of a napping cat. I have it on my desk at work and it makes me peaceful.


Finally, the week ended with a KO at a Starbucks down on Orchard. Adrianne and Lois lugged all the purchases from our KnitPicks Spree and so I now have 2 hanks of lovely Shimmer yarn. Some day they will be a stole, but for now, I’m happy to look at them, and fondle them.

At long last, I am on the toes of the brown pair of Garter Rib socks. Now the question is, will I run out of yarn before I run out of sock? Here’s a photo… place your bets!



2 Steps Forward, 20 Steps Back

Knitting life is bad this week. All projects continue to get shorter.  Is it possible to knit into the negative? Can I unknit past zero?  I think I can…

The Smooshy yarn I’m using for the Forest Canopy Shawl was not amused when I frogged the shawl last week, and now I may need to frog it again. I may have hit the point of no reknitting with the yarn.

I accidentally dropped some stitches off the needle and they evaporated. “No worries,” I thought, “I have a lifeline.”  However, when I slipped my needle along the lifeline, I didn’t end up with the correct number of stitches and I couldn’t tell where I went wrong.  I tried just adding a stitch where I needed it, but it isn’t looking right. I think I need to frog back to the previous lifeline.  Or maybe I need to frog all the way back because I think I might need a larger needle.

These are not happy thoughts. Please send chocolate.  Dark chocolate.

Photos of WIPs

It was a sunny afternoon so I took a few photos of my WIPs.

First the Garter Rib socks for Kent that are patiently waiting for toes.


Then the Garter Rib socks #2 which I tinked back 1.5 inches to fix a few weird stitches that refused to be right when I tried to drop down to them. I have 3-4 inches to go on these.


Here are my Fixation on Stripes socks that are my easy traveling project. Even these were much longer in Vietnam, but I had to tink them. I’m trying to learn to knit without looking and I’m not always successful at doing that or catching the mistakes in a timely fashion. Thankfully, this yarn is SUPER easy to slip the needle through so I was able to just pick up a row before the mistakes rather than unknit the entire distance.


Finally, my Forest Canopy Shawl in Dream in Color Smooshy of the Ruby River colorway. As I mentioned earlier, I completely frogged this and am already back to this size. It is going MUCH better, actually looks like the other FCS projects in Ravelry. I’m still amazed that people are knitting this in around 7 hours. I’m not yet that quick. Ignore the lifelines. I know I could take them out, but they provide added comfort so they are staying put for a bit.


Of course, my first attempts at photos were graced by Miss Kapas herself. She even made a few comments.

DSC01918.JPG DSC01915.JPG DSC01916.JPG

Bag Love

I’ve taken the plunge; I’ve made my first Etsy purchase. I’m just beginning to realize what a dangerous place Etsy is…

The object of my desire is this scrumptious sock bag. I’ve been schlepping my traveling socks around in plastic bags which works but isn’t very aesthetically pleasing. Then ennairda bought a really cute bag from a merchant in Etsy which soon had me wanting one for myself. Of course, the design I liked best in the entire shop was the one ennairda bought, so I broadened my search. That lead me to White Willow’s shop and this beauty…


I can hardly wait for it to arrive. I can see how Etsy could be as addicting as eBay. It is a good thing my holiday is almost over; I need to go back to work so I can earn more money to support my habit. I think my next purchases will be from Ling Glass

You Know You Haven’t Blogged in Too Long When…

…you have to Google your own blog title to FIND it. Is that an all-time low or what?
No photos today, just a quickie update.

Ravelry is evil. I have a precious day of vacation in which I had much planned and instead I just spent 3.5 hours wandering around in Ravelry looking at shawls and stoles and socks and yarns and… I have plenty of projects on my needles. My current shawl is no where near done, but there you have it. And it was darn fun too!

My forest canopy shawl mostly waits patiently in its bag, but for the past few days it has been calling me. I took the advice in the pattern and wrote each line on a separate index card. I highlighted key parts to make it easier to see. Now I’m not loosing my place and it is going much better. I’m on the 8th repeat. The Smooshy Ruby River yarn is lovely. I usually prefer shawls to be a solid color, but this yarn is so nice that I’m loving the project.

Dashed over to the Woodlands Knitout held in LOUISE’S honor. It was such a treat having her in Singapore and staying at my place. I was the world’s worst host because I was working on report cards and had social engagements I needed to keep, but I sat by her at the wedding and had a lovely chili crab lunch with her and Bob. At the knit out I ripped out the toes to Kent’s garter ribbed socks because they are too short. This is the project that never ends because I had to keep stopping it when we were apart because I couldn’t try it on him.

Since there were big chunks of time I couldn’t knit those socks, I cast on a second pair in the same pattern using Plymouth Yarn Rockin Sox. It is 60% superwash wool, 25% bamboo, 15% nylon. I’ve already turned the heel, picked up the gusset stitches (my best try yet) and have finished the decreases. Am zooming down the foot towards the toe. This might be done before the first pair. I think they are a bit warmer than the bambino pair, but still much cooler than most sock yarns. It is nicer to work with than the bambino, but I like the finished fabric of the bambino a bit better.

Plymouth Rockin' Sox

Of course, the highlight of the month was Lois’ wedding. She was stunningly lovely, the food was superb, and we were able to knit at the table. Who could ask for anything more

Okay, time to get something besides knitting/computer stuff done.