Hats and Socks

No time to write, but I’m doing so anyway.

Didn’t finish the fourth premmie hat in time to send it. Made a mad dash to post office after work to get them in the mail. A colleague of Louise’s was here in Singapore. Since the mail between Singapore and US has been so slow, I didn’t dare mail them all the way to her in Minnesota. I’m hoping the Singapore mail got them to the colleague in time. Otherwise they are stuck in the Northwest Airlines office here in Singapore.
I’ve been longing to work on my socks. Would have finished them if I had been able to go to a mini-knit out on Friday, but I was a good teacher and went to the school variety show instead. 3 hours long. Wish I could have knit during it. I did bring my knitting, but my seat was in too dark a location. At least I had a seat. Last year I spent those 3 hours sitting on the floor.

Today I kept trying to get into work because I am woefully behind on everything, but it wasn’t meant to be. By the time laundry and grocery shopping were done, it was pouring. So did I start my work at home waiting for it to clear? Nope. I worked on my socks while I listened to podcasts. I’m down to the final decreases before I graft the toes.

I love that when you knit them on two circular needles, you can keep trying them on. Good thing I did. I must have short feet because they fit well everywhere, but according to the directions, I should be making these 8 inches (or until the reach the base of the big toe–that’s where I was to begin the toe decreases). If I’d gone that long, the socks would have been too long. Watch these end up too short. No matter where in the world you live, you’ll hear me howl if that is the case.

Walleyegirl is also knitting two socks on two circular needles. She is encountering problems and wonders if the fault could lie with her using 16″ needles. I think she’s right on the mark. My directions call for one need to be 24″ long and the other to be 29″ long so that you can easily tell the needles apart. I’m using two 24″ circulars. One is a bronze addi turbo lace and the other is a silver colored addi turbo with a red cable. Those visual cues have helped me to keep track of where I am and (mostly) prevented me from knitting with the wrong needle. I am finding the 24″ needles none too long. I can’t imagine getting it to work, especially picking up the gusset stitches along the second side. That was tight with the 24″ needles.

My dear socks are not without problems. I appear to have made a perfect button hole on one, even though the pattern doesn’t call for a button hole. I’m calling it a design element, but that’s not fooling even me. Second problem are the dreaded ladders along the gusset. Ingrid says I need to twist the gusset stitches as I pick them up. Anyone know of a good video on YouTube or somewhere else that shows this? I’m not quite sure how to do it.

In any case, no photos of the socks tonight. Will post a photo when they are done.


One thought on “Hats and Socks

  1. Hello from Switzerland
    your ladders have more to do with a tension issue than twisting a stitch. You need to be sure you pull the first and second stitch on the new needle firmly. If you just twist the stitch you still will have a ladder.
    Check out Sockknitters on Yahoo, I think there are tips for this issue there.

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