Another hat and a Bit of Organization

I finished another premmie hat and guess what? It is even smaller than the previous hats. My small stack of hats is starting to look like Russian stacking dolls. It is humbling to realize how irregular my gauge is. I’m working on a fourth hat but don’t think I can finish it in time. However, I’m curious to see where it fits. I think it is going to be slightly bigger than the previous one. Go figure.

The final hat won’t be finished in time because I need to rip it back a bit. I was working in the taxi and I should have quit when it got dark, but it was just too fun to be knitting. Now I get to clean up the mistakes. In any case, I’ll try to snap a photo of all of them before I mail them off this week.

I’ve been trying to organize my knitting supplies. This notebook was the first of my efforts. It isn’t photogenic, but it does hold all my circular needles. I created one page for each size needles. I even made pages for sizes I don’t have, since I cannot easily insert pages into this binder. I labeled each page with both the US and the metric measure of the needles to make it easier to grab what I need for a new pattern.

My next step was to scurry around our home looking for needles. Needles must be pack animals by nature because most of my were gathered in a few locations. As I placed them into the notebook, I came to the realization that I have far more size 2 needles than any one person should probably own. All are circular. Some are addi. Some are Hiya Hiya. Some are Crystal Palace bamboo. Most have 16″ or 24″ lengths. I had no idea I had such a collection.


I am also looking for plastic bins that fit the bottom shelf of the closet. I think I’ll store my small stash organized by yarn weight. This bin holds all my sock yearn. I have realized I can fit a slightly larger bin into the closet so the next ones I purchase will be larger.


Until now I’ve stored the yarn in basket drawers, but I’ve seen small moths in our home, so I don’t want to take any more chances. From now on the yarn will be stored in plastic bins that have no holes or gaps. Hopefully the shops across the street will get in just the perfect bins.

How do you store your stash? Does it work for you or are you contemplating a change?


2 thoughts on “Another hat and a Bit of Organization

  1. you’re making hats for russian stacking dolls! heehee 😉 They must look cute together!

    I too used to leave my needles around in this bag. And for some strange reason I have multiple 4mm needles, in dpns, circs, and even straights – which I don’t use. Now I’m just collecting a number of 2.5mm needles for no apparent reason. And the bag has since overflowed, if you’re wondering. So my needles are all the the same plastic box you have (except my box for needles is the smallest size available) There’s space for me to put my spindles and winder there too. As for organization, they tend to be by brand although the dpns hang around together.

    My ‘stash’ of a few balls of yarn (then!) used to be in the plastic box as you have as well. you might have guessed they don’t fit now but they were packed into ziplocks AND put in the box. I’m now in the process of shopping for a nice shelf/cupboard to put my yarn so sadly, my stash are ziplocked and lying around together. No organization yet. moths don’t survive for more than a day in my home since the Ms can be obssessed with them once they get in but i’ve not seen many either.

  2. i’ve had a nasty moth / cocoon scare recently so have gotten paranoid about stash organisation. my current place has cupboards with glass doors (all the better to see my yarn with m’dear), and i ziploc up all the yarns (so e.g. 5 balls of tapestry in 1 ziplock), and then i stack them in the shelves in the cupboard. i then placed cedar wood blocks in the cupboard.

    at my old place, i used those stackable plastic containers like u do – and i think that may be the best moth-proof way to store yarn.. altho it gets a bit messy when your stash grows and u’d have to haul those bins whenever you’re searching for something. tip : get those stackeable ones with wheels!

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