Origami Museum at Narita Airport, Tokyo

On my way to Minnesota, I saw that Narita airport was expanding its retail area. One new addition was going to be an origami museum. To my delight, the museum was ready for visitors on by trip back to Singapore. Here are photos of some of the exhibits.

DSC01448.JPG          DSC01455.JPG







There were many other lovely pieces of art in the museum, including an entire case of paper cranes. These were not the single cranes I learned to fold. These were multiple cranes all formed from one piece of paper!  However, the glass on the case prevented me from getting a descent shot.

In addition to the exhibits, the museum has origami books, lovely papers and finished products that you can buy.  Check it out the next time you go through Narita.  It is near the McDonalds– hows that a blending of cultures for you?


3 thoughts on “Origami Museum at Narita Airport, Tokyo

  1. Oh boy oh boy oh boy~ ~ I know where it is now since you mentioned it’s near the Mcs. hahaha

    Thanks for the Green Tea Mochi too! AS and I enjoyed them over the weekend and they are delectable! 😀

  2. Konishiwua Japan I believe that this museum has one of the best origami of the world. My opinion for this museum is that they reveal the true origami and a really like origami world. XD

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