Merry Christmas to All!

Christmas 2007

a doomed project

Okay. I knitted Tammy’s scarf no less than 3 times.  I washed it. I blocked it. The cats helped to block it.  I realized that Tammy, allergic to cats, wouldn’t appreciate that.  So I washed it. In the machine.  It is now felt. Poor doomed scarf.  I almost always use washable wool.  Guess this wasn’t superwash.  Sorry Tammy.  It is too small for you now.

Sock Finished and Unfinished

I was productive over the Thanksgiving holiday.

First, I finally made time to finish the class sock that has been languishing since early July, waiting for me to learn the knitted kitchener stitch. Thankfully, there are clear, easy to follow directions at TECHKnitting. The sock inspector wasn’t as impressed as I was with my completed project.

Class Sock

Class Sock

I also cast off (bound off?) the Dad scarf that has been done for quite a while.


And I washed and blocked the Tammy scarf so at long last I can send it to her. I probably won’t block regular scarves again. Made it more lace-like, less springly and warm.

Final project of that holiday was to finish my first wearable sock (not counting my tube sock). It has been frogged at least 3 times, so the yarn is all squiggly. However, I like the stripes. Like how comfortable it is. Don’t like the dropped stitch I found far down on the sole. *SIGH* Will probably rip back to there instead of darn it. I am NOT amused. I had already started the second sock before I found the dropped stitch.

Simple_Sock.jpg Simple_Sock.jpg Simple_Sock.jpg

I learned a ton from this project, including the correct way to purl. I even managed to pick up the gusset stitches correctly all by myself (nevermind that it took me 2 hours to do it.)

I think this project may be set aside for a while. We need a break from each other, and I am eager to get started on a sock for Kent. I don’t think Kent will be excited that I am knitting him a sock. I suspect he will worry that it will be a dreadful sock and that I will expect him to wear it anyhow (and to be grateful to me for knitting it.) Need to get him over this fear because if ever a man needed handknit socks, it is him. Being taller than average, he has bigger than average feet so most store-bought socks don’t fit him. He wears them anyway, but they are not comfortable.

I was going to knit the same simple sock pattern as my first sock, but the pattern doesn’t go large enough and I am too much of a newbie to adapt it. Instead, I’ll try a simple one from the Charlene Schurch book Sensational Knitted Socks since she explains in there how to knit socks based on either shoe size or measurements.

I was going to knit these in the nice, boring tan yarn I have in hopes of calming his fears. However, it is a bit too thick which will require me to do all sorts of adjustments. I may use the Regia bamboo color yarn instead, even though it has a bunch of muted colors in it. Wish me luck getting him to sit still for me to measure his feet. Also wish me luck in figuring out the correct measurements to take.