Okay, So How Do you Knit a Scarf Side-Ways?

Today I was reading The Yarnery blog and I see this cool scarf.

pattern #126

As I stared at it, I realized that it appears to be knit the long way across. As in, not many rows, but each row is three feet long!

That got me thinking a number of thoughts, such as…

  • What do you knit it on? What can hold that many stitches.
  • Would an alternating knit, purl pattern like that over such a long distance keep the scarf from curling?
  • Would it make my mohair/wool yarn behave?

But mostly, I wanted to know how to knit that many stitches across. If you know how it is done, please tell me. I wish the Yarnery sold that pattern at their new online store; I’d buy it to solve this mystery.


4 thoughts on “Okay, So How Do you Knit a Scarf Side-Ways?

  1. You need a 60″ circular, I have right now 190 stitches on a 29″ circular so 60″ should do it or use two shorter ones. So do you want me to go to the yarnery and see if they have the pattern next week?

  2. As luck would have it, we have added this pattern to our on-line shop! It is a Theresa Gaffey design named Clemens Scarf, #173. Also, to answer your first question, Theresa recommends a 29″ circular needle. She has even knit one of these on a 24″ but admitted it was quite squished.

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