My Basic Sock

On the flight back to Singapore last July, I started work on my first regular sock. I’m using the basic sock pattern in Cat Bordhi’s “Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles” book. I’m loving the yarn. It is Austermann Step. It doesn’t have a cool colorway name, just a bar code, and since I don’t speak German, I’m not sure which is the yarn and which is the colorway.

basic sock

I’m glad I knit the tiny practice sock first. It is giving me confidence since with this lovely striping yarn on #2 Crystal Palace circular needles, it isn’t always easy to see what I’m doing.

I knit a lot on the plane and when I was traveling in Malaysia and Cambodia. Now that I’m back, I’ve been working on the heel flap. I was using it as a traveling sock, but I lost count of my rows and I’m having big trouble counting them on my own. The heel flap has me purling one direction and doing a wonky yarn over stitch the other direction to make the heel sturdier. I like the look, but I sure can’t count the rows.

basic sock

I spent an entire taxi ride from Woodlands to Robins Road trying to figure out the count. I think I am on row 33 which is a problem since I’m only supposed to knit 30 rows. And so, I’m unknitting three rows. It seems that I’m always blogging about unknitting.


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