Dragon Scarf

Can’t post a picture because Morehouse copyrighted it, but check out this great Dragon Scarf.  I’d love to make it for my friend Michael.


Quickie Update as I Pack

Busy packing. Leave for Singapore tomorrow. Still haven’t had the half hour I need to finish the class sock.

I did start the first sock from “Socks Soar on Two Circulars”. The yarn is a yummy self-striping superwash wool blend. Great fun watching the stripes appear. I knit it about four inches and am now frogging it because there are too many mistakes. As always, I’m learning much. This project is on bamboo needles in hopes that it makes it through airport security. I could make serious progress if I can knit on the 13 hour flight to Japan and the almost 7 hour flight to Singapore.

No pictures. Instead, you can enjoy the garden photos from my trip to the Clemens and Munsinger Gardens in St. Cloud, Minnesota with my parents earlier this month. The gardens, as you can see, were beautiful.

Munsinger & Clemens Gardens Munsinger & Clemens Gardens
Munsinger & Clemens Gardens Munsinger & Clemens Gardens
Munsinger & Clemens Gardens Munsinger & Clemens Gardens

Now, back to packing.

In Love With Animals

Ravelry continues to be a Very Dangerous Place for me to hang out. Today, it lead me to buying just one more book– as if I had room for anything else in my suitcase. But who could resist a book that contains the pattern for this adorable puppy?


It is from Knitted Animals by Anne-dorthe Grigaff.


I’m praying for a lenient check in clerk at the airport next Saturday! Now I need to go finish my class sock. I need to figure out the Kitchener Stitch to graft the toe. Wish me luck.