One Slipper Down…

I’m happy to say my first spiral sock is done. Just one, not the pair. However, it is a new milestone; I made a toe.


I had already decided that the socks should actually be a slipper and so I was delighted to see that Beyagi, the yarn store near my home, has leather slipper patches that I can stitch onto the bottom of the sock to make it a slipper. I’d like to find a bigger patch that covers the entire sole instead of just a toe and heel patch.


Now I’ll be the first to admit that this sock isn’t great looking. However, it was my first attempt at using DPNs, and then halfway through it moved to two circular needles. I learned a lot, and it looks like the veteran it is. And since it is now officially a slipper, I have no worries that is it loose and slouchy; that is just fine. Actually, I think they look like giant baby booties.  They didn’t look like that in the book, but that’s how they look when I knit them.


I won’t be starting the other slipper instantly. I want to get started on more traditional socks, and I don’t exactly need wool slippers at this time of year.


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