Another Cool Ravelry Feature…

Okay, I’m already totally addicted to Ravelry, and now I find the books section. Here I am, all excited about my new Sensational Knitted Socks book. I think, “Gee, it would be cool if I could keep track of my knitting books in Ravelry. I wonder if I can.”

So, I go to Ravelry and sure enough, there is a books link in the sidebar. Now at this time, I can only add books to my bookshelf that are already in Ravelry. Fortunately, both of my knitting books are in there. I search for them, add them to my bookshelf. A little photo of the book appears on my bookshelf. I am happy.

Then I click on one of the books, expecting to have book info such as author. It does, but that’s not all. Clicking on the book pulls up a gallery of projects that Ravelry members have knitted from this book. How cool is that!!!

I love how useful this feature is.  I love what a great use it is of a database. What will they think of next?



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