Spiral Socks

I’m dabbling with socks and as a result, there are UFOs everywhere. My first attempt was from my spiffy new books, Kids Knitting by Melanie Falick.

I was drawn to the Spiral Socks pattern because it seemed like a good inro to DPNs, but with a worsted weight yarn so it would be a relatively quick project, and since it is a tube sock, no need to learn to turn a heel. The spiral design makes it a one-size-fits-most pattern. What could be better?


When I was visiting the Double Ewe, I picked out a machine wash and dry-safe worsted wool/nylon mix. I couldn’t wait to get started.


Getting started took forever. First, I had to cast on a bunch of times to get the tension correct. Then while dividing the stitches between the needles, they kept leaping off. After a seriously long time, I was ready to really start. That didn’t go so well either. The pattern in the yarn was so strong that I couldn’t see my pattern evolving. I kept dropping stitches, making sloppy joins, making mistakes. Finally I ripped it out and started over.

This next attempt wasn’t much better than the first, but I stuck with it and go to the sock to here, but I still wasn’t having any fun, and didn’t love how it was knitting up.



Finally, I decided to try a different yarn, since knitting something I didn’t like seemed to be a surefire path to UFO land. I stopped at Michael’s to get some Patton SWS for a friend and while I was there, I purchased two skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease in the Chestnut Heather colorway.


And soon I had this:


I like how the pattern is knitting up with this yarn, but I still don’t love the DPNs. I decided to switch to two circular needs and am finally making real progress. It is now about nine inches long. Directions are to knit to twelve inches and then I start to deal with the toe. It is a start. It won’t be a terribly useful sock to me living in Singapore, but I figure it will be a slipper when I’m home in Minnesota. Probably isn’t sturdy enough to be worn outside, even if it would fit inside someone’s shoe.


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