A Wednesday Night Knitting Group

Just home from a lovely time with a Wednesday night knitting group that meets at a Panera restaurant. I greatly enjoyed my time with them. They welcomed me in and then kept up a steady stream of interesting talk while I tried to learn to knit two socks at once on two circular needles.

I’m loving the project and the yarn is super soft so it should make comfy socks. However, as this is very early on in my sock career, I may need to backtrack and work on just one sock at a time.

Louise taught me a truly cool way to start the sock from the toe. Knitting the sock on circulars feels so much more natural than those pesky DPNs which seem to encourage the yarn to leap off when I’m not watching. I can almost hear their taunting, “C’mmon! You can do it! Are you chicken or what? Just jump!”

Louise is a talented, patient teacher. She’s been teaching this process long enough that it only takes her a glance to identify my new mistake and tell me how to correct it.

All in all, a most satisfactory evening. (The evening began with a visit to another LYS. Won’t write about that until I have time to download my photos.)


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