My First FO!!!

Tammy scarf on mom

At long last, after many MANY restarts, the Tammy scarf is done!
(Okay, this isn’t really my first FO, but it is the first since I started knitting again. That makes it my first FO in 20 years or so– after that long a break, wouldn’t I be considered a knitting virgin again?)

I planned it to be the type of scarf she can wear inside her coat, not the big long type that your wrap around your neck a couple of times. As such, it might be a bit too long. I had trouble figuring out how long to make it because she is about a foot taller than I am.

I like the yarn. It was well-behaved, not prone to splitting. It is an all wool, Italian yarn. I’ve listed the details in Ravelry in case anyone really cares, but it’s not like you’d need to find it to knit a garter stitch scarf. (Note: there are no pictures in my Ravelry because I cannot get it talking to my Flickr account. Would love suggestions on how to fix that.)

I laugh that it ended up being a garter stitch scarf because that is what I started it as, but then frogged it to try all sorts of patterns, including cables. (Yeah, any pattern is lost in this busy yarn. You knew it would be, but I’m a new knitter, remember? I learned a whole bunch making this simple scarf.)

Even once I had decided it would be a garter stitch scarf, I frogged it after I was almost done with the first skein, because my gauge had greatly improved since I’d started it, and I decided it wasn’t wide enough. Now it is definitely wide enough, but the colors no longer stripe, which was so pretty. Now they pool which is interesting, but not as pretty. However, since this is only supposed to peep out above her coat collar, it really doesn’t matter.

Tammy scarf by itself

So, pooling and length = Kinda Bad
Springy warm garter stitch, cheery colors to make her feel warm and loved = Good.

(Big thanks to Mom for modeling the scarf– See Mom! I did crop out your face, just like I promised I would.)


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