The Double Ewe and The Yarnery

On Tuesday, wonderful Louise took me yarn shopping. The Twin Cities has a deliciously large quantity of yarn shops and I’ve been in very few of them.

Our first stop was the Double Ewe yarn shop out in Circle Pines, Minnesota. Kelly, the proprietor, is as friendly and helpful as you could ask, and her yarn store is full of Good Things.

While there, I purchased my first set of double-pointed needles. I also purchased so


me other yarn to start making a pair of spiral socks– more about those later.

Next we went to The Yarnery over on Grand Avenue in St. Paul. This LYS is in an old house so it has rooms of yarn! At this store I was able to locate a few of the yarns that DSC00494.jpgmy talented knitting friends in Singapore are wishing for. (More about that in a different post.)  I also purchased a chibi.




3 thoughts on “The Double Ewe and The Yarnery

  1. Oh my!!! the hanks and hanks of yarns!!!!!!!
    😀 😀 😀 you sure are lucky to have so many wonderful yarn shops there!!! hehe

    Your Chibi’s a nice cheerful color too! I have the blue one 😉

  2. Hey it was fun and how about this week on Weds where should we go maybe Depth of Field and Borealis or if the brand new one in Northeast is open we could try there.

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