Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

After a month of not much knitting due to the crazed end of school, I’m finally back in the US.

Flight home SHOULD have been a great time to knit, but in my packing frenzy, I tossed in the WRONG SIZE NEEDLE for my yarn. Oh the agony of 20+ hours of flight and not able to advance on my project.  I still played around a bit with my sticks and string, but my heart wasn’t in it since it didn’t look good.  Have since frogged it all and started again on my #8 needles and it looks much better.

What is it, you ask?  It is the scarf I started knitting months ago for Tammy. She’s moving to cold Belgium and I think that warrants a nice toasty scarf to keep her warm and make her feel loved.

Why has it languished so long unfinished?  Because I started it back when my knitting was so tight it resembled felt.  Once I loosed my gauge, I realized I couldn’t finish it with two different gauges, so I left it for my long flight to the US.  It was a good plan…

And what, you may ask, of the other scarf?  My lovely mohair/wool one?  That is not a UFO because I have finally listened to the  yarn and it has been oh so politely telling me that it does not want to be a scarf.  It doesn’t like look like an elephant’s trunk warmer any more than I like it looking that way.  And so I have agreed to rip it out and make something else with it. For now, it is back snug and safe in my stash.

And what about that other UFO, my Grace Kelly scarf?  That is still on my needles but I didn’t bring it on the plane because it is on metal needles and I didn’t want to risk them not being allowed on board.  My Tammy scarf was on bamboo– (Clover bamboo needles Ayumi!)

Will take photos.  I actually have photos of the Grace Kelly scarf but haven’t had time to download them.  It isn’t very photogenic.  It is getting a bit misshapen but Lois assures me that will block out just fine. In any case, it is a fun project and I think my aunt will like it. It is in her colors.  Or she might NOT like it, not classy enough.  I’ll need to decide because if she won’t like it, I’ll keep it and use it.  So There.


2 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

  1. Yayy!! Nice to hear you’ve got the bamboos onboard! And good to hear you’re home safe~!

    Am hoping to see pictures of your projects soon! 🙂

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