Still Another Knitout

Louise’s business trip was extended, so I met her down at the Starbucks at Raffles City. She was knitting a lovely, pink baby bib. I frogged the Grace Kelly Scarf (again) so I could start it again on larger needles (because I’m STILL knitting too tightly.)

No one else was able to attend so after a bit of knitting we decided to run errands. We went to Chimes to buy a bracelet a colleague asked her to buy. We found the store but couldn’t figure which of the many pearl bracelets was being requested, so we left with that task incomplete.

Then we wandered around a bit looking for Funan. We received some inaccurate directions from a well-meaning stranger and then increasingly better directions after we headed off the wrong way. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the iPod cases I wanted to buy for my music teachers, so we did what all good knitter do… we went and bought yarn.

Yep, we road the MRT one stop back from City Hall to Dhoby Ghat (sp?) and went to Spotlight. I forgot to mention back at the knit out that we first met Louise, we then crossed the street to Spotlight, an Aussie craft store much like Michael’s back home. I almost heard angels sing as I roamed the aisles. I didn’t know Singapore HAD a shop like this. Scads of yarn. Scads of WOOL yarn. Lots of needles. And every other type of craft thing you could want, such as sewing, scrapbooking, etc. I plan to come back here often. And it is even on my MRT line. I don’t even need to switch trains. (This was meant to be.)

Anyway, I was restrained this time. I just bought the needles I needed and a few balls of sock yarn in a color that Kent could wear to work. (I don’t think he’d humor me enough to wear some of the lovely, stripey colorways that are so popular know in sock yarns.)

After that we parted ways. I probably won’t see her again until June when we are both back in the Twin Cities. Funny that I had to come this far away to meet such a great lady. I can hardly wait to have her teach me how to knit socks this summer.

From there I went down to Carre Foure and finally found a scooter in my size. Now I’ll be able to keep up with Kent during our daily dash to work. And I’ll get a good workout. The thing is a blast to ride, and also a good workout, using different muscles than other things I do.

After that I went down to the Apple Store at Wheelock Place and finally found the right types of iPod cases. I bought two different styles so we can see what works best for them.

So, it was a day well-spent, and I still have no photos of knitting because I keep frogging everything. (How long are you allowed to have a knitting blog without an FO before the Knitting Police take away your blogging rights?)


3 thoughts on “Still Another Knitout

  1. Sounds like you ladies had a great shopping sunday!! You should try the Apple shop down at Wheelock and see if you can find the ipod case you want. But Funan is usually a good choice too.

    sp: Dhoby Ghaut~ ;D The Dhobies were laundrymen who came from India during the beginnings of Singapore. They used to do the laundry in that area~

    Hope your scarf goes well this time! can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. keep at the scarf susan!.. the yarn is gorgeous & will be very a lovely gift. i knit really tightly too and hv tried to consciously drop my knitting further into my lap in an effort to ‘relax’. seems to help so far…
    p.s a scooter at carrefour? i never knew they sold them!

  3. Ayumi, I went to Wheelock and they did have just what I need. Thanks for the advice.

    iroiroknits, What a great tip! It’s helping. The needles keep creeping up but I’m becoming better at recognizing it and pushing them back down.

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