Knitters Have Friends Around the World


cathay knitout 1

Okay, a quick, weird story. A few weeks ago I decided to join the TCKnits Yahoo group so I could find people to knit with when I am home for the summer. The group’s moderator contacted me directly when she saw that I was currently in Singapore, because one of their active members, Louise, was just about to leave the Twin Cities for a business trip to Singapore!

The story gets better… The following Sunday we were having a knitout so that we could meet a visiting knitter. Yep. Louise. Despite her long journey across many time zones, she came to our knitout on the day she arrived.

And the story gets even better. While at the knitout, her husband calls from Minnesota and she say, “Guess what! There’s a knitter here from Roseville.”

(long pause)“Roseville where?”

“Roseville, Minnesota, by us.”

(longer pause)“You’re kidding.”

I’ve loved getting to know Louise. The following weekend her husband visited and so Kent and I went to diner with them at IndoChine. Yum!

(Sorry no photo of her. My group shot didn’t turn out.) 


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