Resistance is Futile

lovely mohair

I did get enough knitting in to determine that the size 5 needles are improvement. This really is lovely yarn and it is very warm. Just the thing to use for a scarf for someone in Minnesota, USA.

Unfortunately, even on the #5 needles, it still curls like crazy.

curling mohair scarf

On the plane home from Istanbul I tried to rip out the scarf. It is fighting me. I seem to have made a few tiny knots in the yarn inthe process of knitting it up. Now I am stuck as I try to frog it. Do I cut open those tiny knots made from a few strands of the yarn? What happens then when I knit the yarn back up? Should I actually cut the entire piece of yarn at that point? That will make my final scarf have more ends that need to be worked in, but maybe that is best.

Please advise!


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