The Long and Short of It

Galata Skyline

Long time without writing, but at least at the moment, I have a good reason… I am in Istanbul! Lovely city, but cold and getting colder. I wish the scarf I am knitting was done so I could wear it.

I was hoping to find yarn, yarn shops, even wool sweaters here, but no luck. In the Grand Bazaar I don’t see sweaters, and in markets frequented by the locals, most things are acrylic. They are missing the boat– I’ve heard numerous tourists wishing for a pair of gloves, not yet another carpet shop.

Before I tell about the scarf, I need to give a bit of background. On the way to KL last weekend I had decided that I didn’t like how the scarf was knitting up. I know that one of the traits of stockinette stitch is that it curls, but this is ridiculous; it look like I’m knitting a sleeve in the round, not a flat scarf. And so, since I didn’t love the bottom edge being garter stitch either, I decided to try a a few things before I ripped it out.

I wondered if throwing in a purl every 7 or so stitches would help to flatten it out. That just looked strange. Next I tried adding the purl every five stitches or so, but neither was solving the curl problem and it still looks strange. I decided maybe I needed smaller needles. Being part mohair, this yarn has no bounce to it. On the #8 needles it feels too stretched out.

Yesterday we took the boat ride up the Bosphorous River. It takes three hours so I did some knitting. I made the switch to smaller needles and so far I like it better. I need to knit a bit more before I actually rip out and start the scarf over. It seems like on the smaller needles it is curling a bit less, but I need to make it longer to be sure. I know I won’t eliminate all curl, but the other would have been unwearable. I don’t think blocking would have saved it.

I wish I had a pair of #6 but all I have was #5 so that is what I am trying. I am wondering if doing most of the scarf in stockinette with two rows of garter thrown in at regular intervals would do it. I tried garter stitching this yarn but it doesn’t show off the lovely hand painted colors, so I won’t do that. Besides I need practice with stockinette before I start my tunic.

I hope I am far enough along on this to frog it here so I can actually knit on the plane.


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