Tension- too much, too little

I spent hours last night on a new project. Emy had told me that wool is not a great choice for new knitters because its bounce compensates for tension problems. My first tunic will be in cotton, which has no memory and has no bounce. That means uneven tension will be obvious. It also means that this garment may droop a bit, which has me worried.

However, that’s a future worry because I’m not yet ready to start it. I had been knitting a wool scarf for Tam for her move to Belgium. I’ve set that aside because it is in garter stitch and I need to work on my purl. It is also in wool.

I think Emy was hoping I’d just practice on my project yarn and then rip it out when I start the project. However, I am far too practical for that. I have zero interest in knitting something that is neither pretty nor useful. Therefore, I dug into my stash and pulled out my gorgeous skein of hand painted Mountain Colors yarn. It is 55% Mohair and 45% wool. The color is Meadow, a lovely collection of blues and purples.mountain_colors_meadow.jpg

I spent hours last night casting on, knitting up and then ripping out. First my cast on was too tight and I’m trying to get it looser. Then, when that was correct, I decided to knit two rows, purl two row a couple times for the scarf end. Didn’t like how that looked, so I frogged it.

I started again using garter stitch instead. I liked it and was already up to the main part where I’m garter stitching just the first and last two stitches and then doing stockinette for the main section. The yarn colors are beautiful, but my kniting was not.

Instead of knitting the garter stitch, I am purling it all for the practice, and my tension was pathetic. I had been worried that being 45% wool, this yarn would hide my tension problems. No worries there! Darn thing looks like it is part lace with gaping holes scattered here and there. And it is too narrow. So, tonight, I rip it out again.


Ripping it out again doesn’t really bother me. I think that is a bit weird. I don’t like knitting something for pure practice, but I don’t mind ripping this out repeatedly until I get it right– or at least closer to right.


Batu couldn’t figure out why I was photographing yarn and knitting. Poor Kapas was locked in the bathroom– she’s sick again.


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