Up to this point – a brief knitting history.

I had my first real lesson with Emy yesterday. I am excited about relearning to knit. I learned back in college from my boyfriend Michael. I was never prolific but I had fun. Then I put it down and didn’t do much with it for fifteen years.

Last year I picked it up when a friend’s cousin needed some love and support. I felt compelled to make her a scarf. I bought some gorgeous hand-painted wool yarn and began knitting on the way up to Wolf Ridge Environmental Education Center. My students were fascinated and it gave me a great time filler while supervising phone calls and other activities. Except for accidentally decreasing and not realizing it for four inches, it went fine, looked good and was enjoyable to make.

Then I suddently moved to Singapore (at least it felt sudden) and couldn’t really think about knitting until I ventured home at Christmas time. I loaded up on yarn and began knitting what must be THE most tightly knit scarf on the planet.


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