A few ideas…

Things I want to try with this blog include…

  • Figuring out how to put one of those cool flickr moving collages in the sidebar OR putting one in the header.
  • Figure out how to change the subtitle.
  • Add my cool jVisit visitor tracker.
  • Tell my family and friends about it– after it has a bit of content and not just these vague ideas.

Hello world!

Yeah, yeah. I know I’m supposed to change that initial title, but it’s just too appropriate to delete. I have other blogs, but this one is meeting an impressive number of goals. With it I hope to…

  • Document my time in Singapore. I wish I had started this seven months ago when I moved here, but better late than never.
  • Document learning (relearning) to knit.
  • Give family and friends a pull rather than a push option for following my life here.
  • Play with WordPress to see if this would be a good platform for our someday school blogs.
  • Learn some CSS without having to practice on the official website at work.

Wow. All of that in one little blog. Let’s see where it goes. And if it is just incessant barking, no one need subscribe 🙂